Get Info on Payment & Insurance Options at Crestwood Dental Clinic

Payment Information

Many convenient payment options are available at Crestwood Dental Clinic. Before we begin your treatment, we will discuss fees and financial arrangements. These payment arrangements can be coordinated with your dental insurance benefits.

When it comes to planning for optimum dental health, we do our best to adjust to your requirements. Therefore, Crestwood Dental Clinic feels it is our responsibility to inform all patients of the costs required for our various treatment plans as well as provide assistance in arranging payment.

Insurance Information

Crestwood Dental Clinic will submit charges for services rendered to your insurance carrier as a convenience to you. However, we consider our patients the primary responsible party for their account. The service that we provide amounts to an agreement between the insurance carrier and the patient.

There is a wide variety of dental insurance coverage offered. Various programs cover from as little as 30% to as much as 80% - 100%. Every dental plan has a provision for limited dollar disbursement by the insurance company for covered services. The type of services covered and dollar amount assigned to it are determined by the type of plan purchased by your employer.

Should you have any questions regarding your account or changes to your insurance, please call Crestwood Dental Clinic.

Dental Insurance FAQs

Q: Does your office accept my insurance? How much will they pay?

A: At the moment, Crestwood Dental Clinic accepts all private dental plans. These are plans that do not require you to pick a dentist from a list or require our office to accept reduced fees. By accepting private dental plans, we can work with literally thousands of companies.

However, due to changes in our policies, it is impossible to give you a guaranteed quote of their payments. We might be able to estimate your portions based on past payment histories, but this is still only an estimate.

If you are curious to know the exact insurance benefits you will receive, our office can file a “pre-treatment authorization” with your insurance. Please note that this will delay treatment, but give you the exact out-of-pocket figures you may be looking for.

Q: I thought I paid my portion, but I got a bill. Why?

A: Crestwood Dental Clinic bases your portion of the bill on our most current data. However, certain factors can affect this estimate including:

  • Deductible (individual or family)
  • Specialist care uses up part of your annual benefit
  • Insurance does not notify us of changes to your benefits (they will notify you only)

If you have any changes to your insurance, be sure to let us know as soon as possible.

Q: Insurance did not pay. Now what?

A: As a courtesy, our office submits your claims. When your insurance does not pay, however, it is your responsibility to complete the payment in full for the services we provided. Your insurance benefits are a result of a contract between you and that particular company. Crestwood Dental Clinic is not part of that contract and, therefore, all responsibility for paying the charges incurred at our office fall to you.

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