Six Good Reasons to Have Your Teeth Cleaned Regularly

1. Prevent gum disease

You may be surprised to learn that gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss amongst adults and has even been linked to heart attacks and strokes. Although gum disease can vary in severity, it begins with bacterial growth in the mouth that causes the gums to become inflamed and possibly infected. Brushing and flossing your teeth at home helps to keep nasty bacteria at bay. Nevertheless, regular teeth cleaning is a must as hygienists are able to clean more thoroughly in and around the gums.

2. Reduce cavities
Even if you look after your teeth at home, plaque and tartar, which damage tooth enamel, can build up on teeth over time. A professional clean will ensure that teeth are clear of plaque and tartar and will protect your teeth against cavities.

3. Detect early signs of more serious problems
During teeth cleaning, your hygienist will also check for signs of oral cancer and gum disease. Both of these diseases can have serious health implications if not diagnosed and treated early. Therefore, visit the hygienist regularly and keep your mind at ease!

4. Freshen your breath
Nothing beats the feeling of freshly brushed teeth and when you have your teeth cleaned, you will be reassured that your mouth will remain odour-free!

5. Brighten your smile
When you have your teeth cleaned and polished, even the toughest stains caused by tea, coffee and wine can be removed. You will walk away feeling squeaky clean and full of confidence!

6. Save money
Despite all of the health and cosmetic advantages listed above, regular teeth cleaning can actually save you money! Maintaining good oral health will potentially prevent you from having costly treatment in the future.

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