Healthy eating

Five Ways to Eat Your Way to a Healthier Mouth

1. Products rich in calcium and phosphorus

Acidic foods wash away essential minerals found in tooth enamel. However, calcium and phosphorus help keep minerals in place and protect teeth from decay. Thankfully, many of the foods we eat on a daily basis contain a good source of calcium and phosphorus. These include: cheese, chicken, meats, nuts and milk.

2. Foods with a high content of water
Although fruits and vegetables are rich in sugar, those that are firm and crunchy contain a lot of water. Water dilutes sugar and helps us to produce more saliva, which washes away food particles. Apples and pears are a good example!

3. Fluoride
Dental products that protect our teeth against cavities often contain higher amounts of fluoride. This natural element encourages bone growth and protects bacteria-fighting polyphones. Fortunately, some drinks are rich in fluoride too! Green and black tea and fluoridated water contain just enough fluoride to keep our teeth healthy.

4. Acid and sugar!
We often hear that sugary foods and drinks, including candy, soda and fruit juice, wear away tooth enamel. That being said, acidic foods, such as lemons and tomatoes, are equally responsible. Of course, eliminating these tasty foods from our diet would be very difficult. Therefore, acidic foods should be eaten as part of a main meal to minimise the acid that is exposed to our teeth.

5. Sticky foods
Bacteria love starchy food that sticks to teeth! Bread, chips, fries, dried fruits and even bananas feed bacteria that produce acids. These acids harm our enamel and contribute to tooth decay!
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