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Dentists in Medicine Hat Say Good Dental Health Starts with Prevention

Practicing Good Oral Care

Prioritize your dental health and follow these tips:

  • Floss daily—Medicine Hat dentists recommend that you floss at least once per day. The best time to floss is right before brushing, that way the spaces between your teeth are clear and the fluoride from the toothpaste can reach them.
  • Brush at least twice a day—The best time to brush your teeth is right after you wake up and just before you go to bed. If you brush more often, make sure that you wait at least ½ hour after eating or drinking to avoid scraping softened enamel off of your teeth.
  • Use a mouth rinse after brushing—If you floss, brush, and then rinse with a mouthwash (in that order) you will greatly reduce your risk of developing cavities or gum disease.
  • Take care of your toothbrush—Always practice good toothbrush hygiene by keeping your toothbrush clean and replacing it often.
  • Eat a balanced diet—The vitamins and minerals found in whole foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, dairy and fish can make a big difference in your oral health.
  • Avoid sugar and starch—When you eat or drink sugary or starchy foods, they interact with the bacteria in your mouth to create acids that wear down the enamel on your teeth.
  • Don’t smoke—It probably goes without saying, but smoking is bad for your health. Smokers are more likely to develop gum disease, tooth decay and discoloured teeth.
  • Start early—It is important to teach young children proper brushing and flossing techniques so that they develop good dental hygiene habits that will last throughout their life. If cavities develop on their baby teeth, their developing adult teeth are also at risk. Stop dental problems before they start by bringing your children to a Medicine Hat dental clinic as soon as possible.

Oral health problems like tooth decay and gum disease are almost completely preventable if you follow these simple tips. If you think you might be overdue for a checkup, or you need some more tips on how to practice good dental hygiene, make an appointment to come and see one of the dentists at Crestwood Dental today.

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